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Retool Assessment and Accountability

Action Steps

  • To continue toward implementation of mastery of competencies as an alternative to the Carnegie unit. The Carnegie unit, based on the time spent in a class, should be replaced by a system based on mastery of content and skills. To support a mastery-based system of learning, schools will be able to assess and give credit for content and skills learned outside of school.
  • Connecticut will continue to develop the multiple measures in the accountability system to incorporate local assessments.
  • Statewide assessments should take place at times in a student’s schooling that represent critical developmental points (end of elementary school, end of middle school, mastery of graduation requirements). Students should be assessed when they have mastered content and skills rather than according to an arbitrary annual testing schedule. If the goal for students is mastery, students should be able to retake state and local assessments until mastery levels are reached. Retaking assessments should be allowed whenever a student invests in continuing to learn the assessed standards. In the case of a retest, only the best scores should be reported in state, local and individual reporting.
  • The state should offer districts an effective and easy-to-use assessment data system that would provide teachers with timely access to assessment results, assistance in analyzing data, and the ability to share data with students and parents. The system offered by the state will establish basic, uniform data elements and allow districts to enhance the system.