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Strategies to Make the Vision a Reality

Student success plans

Student interest and aspiration are the basis for the development of the student’s academic program. A planned academic program will lead to the acquisition of the skills, knowledge, and dispositions needed to be an effective learner in school and across the life span. The Student Success Plan (SSP) is designed to ensure that students complete their secondary education with 21st -century skills, with an emphasis on knowledge and skills necessary to compete in the global economy. The customized plan will include varied and flexible educational opportunities, personal connections, elective coursework, and targeted supports tied to each student’s education and/or career goals. Further, the SSP supports positive social, emotional, and physical development, allowing students to more fully engage in the school environment and take the risks necessary for optimal performance.

Public school choice policies

Students will be able to attend the school that best meets their learning needs.

Online and dual enrollment courses provide students with opportunities to enhance and enrich their learning experiences

They also provide schools with opportunities to meet students’ requests for courses not offered in their program of studies.

Current Status

Several districts, including the greater Hartford area and New Haven, have substantially expanded the number of magnet programs in which schools specialize and offer unique opportunities to students living in those districts and to students from surrounding towns who want to be a part of those programs. These high-quality programs are often over-enrolled. In some districts, students are able to participate in specialized programs in other districts.