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The vision

All students in Connecticut will progress through school at a pace determined by their own abilities and challenges. They will be guided along the way with “just in time” supports designed to assure that all students master the graduation standards.

Why is this important?

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In the world beyond school, citizens are being asked to manage their own time and work with others to solve problems and come up with creative solutions. The world around our students must become more and more personalized to meet this new reality.

Each student enters the classroom with different experiences and interests - students learn best when they build on current knowledge and personal interests.11  In addition, personalization recognizes that students acquire knowledge and skills in a variety of settings and creates a process to allow students to demonstrate what they know and are able to do. To maximize the potential of each student, it is important not only to tailor learning to their needs and abilities but also to give them a voice in the learning process and choices on how to demonstrate their learning.12  Student voice and choice foster engagement and motivation to persist with challenges. These factors make individualized progress through school paramount in meeting the needs of all students.


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