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Women in the District Office

Empowerment, Professional Learning, and Networking Sessions

The CAPSS’ Women in Leadership Committee, in partnership with Neag School of Education’s Professors Laura Burton and Jennie Weiner, will offer a seminar series during the 2018-2019 academic year focused on the experiences, triumphs, and tribulations of female superintendents, assistant superintendents and any other district-level administrators who are interested in attending. The purpose of these sessions is to bring focus and voice to the special and unique experiences of women in educational leadership, challenge institutional bias, network with women leaders across CT, learn skills and strategies to enhance effectiveness as a female leader and empower and enlighten others around these issues.


These sessions are complete.


Thursday, May 9, 2019: Resiliency and the Sisterhood

Resiliency and the Sisterhood, will identify the resources and privileges we have that help us to thrive in our roles as leaders. Further, we can explore how to work together and share those resources in support of other women in our professional lives. Let’s challenge ourselves and each other to consider how we can overcome barriers that may prevent us from developing a shared sisterhood with other women in educational leadership who are different from us (race, ethnicity, sexual identity, class, etc.).

Friday, March 22, 2019:  Say yes to you: Improvisation as a tool for authentic communication and leadership

Throughout our time together we have talked about concepts of hypervisibility and/or invisibility and how they shape our feelings of self and interactions with others. Many of us have expressed feeling a constant pressure to perform or act in ways that make us feel uncomfortable or “itchy” – in other words – it sometimes feels difficult to celebrate our full, authentic selves.  In this workshop we are going to “flip the script” a bit, embrace our identities as performative beings, and simultaneously practice how to behave in authentic and empowering ways.

Specifically, with the help of the very talented Rachel Klein, we will focus on what improv can teach us about the power of saying yes as well as the importance of staying engaged in moments of challenge. By choosing or combining different strategies as needed, we can learn how to find and build on points of agreement, work through moments of genuine conflict, and collaborate more authentically and effectively. We will also have a lot of fun!



Rachel Klein received her Masters in Teaching from The University of Chicago and her improv training from The Second City and iO Chicago before moving to Boston where she has taught high school English and Improv for over fifteen years.

She's developed curriculum for ImprovBoston and taught improv workshops throughout North America, at venues from improv festivals to medical schools.


Friday, September 21, 2018
This session will introduce participants to how to build an effective network of developmental relationships in their careers and to consider the unique opportunities and challenges for women in leadership.

Friday, November 30, 2018
8:30am -12:00pm
Mercy By The Sea
167 Neck Road, Madison CT 06443
Workplace Incivility
For current and aspiring central office leaders
In this session we will explore the topic of workplace incivility - behaviors often subtle and ambiguous but harmful nonetheless.
We will explore some of the underlying factors that contribute to workplace incivility, discuss why women may experience more uncivil behaviors than men, and why women may perpetrate or be perceived to perpetuate uncivil behavior toward other women.
We will also explore ways to address workplace incivility, both from an individual perspective (how might I contribute to or mitigate such behaviors?) and from an organizational perspective (what can we collectively do to address these issues?).

Friday, January 11, 2019 (snow date January 17)