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Legislative Process

Charles Rothenberger of Rome, Smith, and Lutz will provide an informational presentation about how a bill becomes a law and how superintendents can positively impact legislation through their advocacy as bills are proposed and laws are created. Both new and experienced superintendents would benefit from knowing these details, especially in difficult times.  Please let us know if there is something more you would like Charles to discuss.

CAPSS Lobbying 101 Informational Session

This event was held Thursday, December 13 at the Connecticut Legislative Office building

There are many new legislators and  a new Governor’s office this year.  Our elected officials will be looking for experts to help them understand the nuances of the big decisions they make. Connecticut Superintendents are in the best position to support that work when education is concerned, but how do we do that?  Come learn how to advocate for education to your legislators in ways that are effective and efficient.  

Charles Rothenberger and colleagues  from Rome, Smith and Lutz are offering a private training for Connecticut Superintendents at the Legislative Office Building in the actual setting where you will  have the opportunity to testify once the legislative session opens in January.