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Leading for Equity

CAPSS' Superintendent Equity Institute

This event was held Tuesday, March 19, 2019.

Through the incredible generosity of The New England School Development Council, we're pleased to invite you to the Leading for Equity Institute for superintendents and their district teams on March 19, 2019 from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. This session is open to all superintendents, including those who could not attend the fall institute. The morning session will be for superintendents and their district teams. Lunch and the afternoon session will be for superintendents only. 

Quinnipiac University
North Haven Campus at the Medicine, Nursing and Health Center
Room: MNH 105
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Equity is achieved when student outcomes are not predicted by gender, race, ethnicity, class, or special needs and where all students reach a lever of efficacy and competencies that support a rewarding and productive life. This requires the elimination of the inequalities that contribute to disproportionate learning and achievement by students of different social groups while ensuring all students are prepared for a productive and meaningful life.
CT Center for School Change
Superintendents are essential for creating the broader systemic conditions for equity. They help construct a shared vision, engage the broader community to create political support and leverage social capital, confront barriers to improvement, and build an infrastructure for continuous improvement. Moreover, they provide the necessary pressure and support for when individuals and organizations stall or even resist.

This institute will support Connecticut superintendents in understanding the barriers to equity that exist in most of our classrooms, schools and districts. This highly-interactive institute will provide superintendents with new research, practical tools, and field-tested practices for promoting equity. The Institute is designed to raise consciousness, provide tools, and then allow leaders to put these to work in their local contexts.

  • Participating superintendents will develop or enhance their equity lens—a greater capacity to see the systemic and structural equity issues at play in the day-to-day operations of their districts.
  • Participants will learn tools for auditing their current district in order to understand existing inequities as well as the systemic contributors.
  • Participants will understand the superintendent leadership levers and practices necessary for disrupting inequities and accelerate learning for those farthest behind.
  • Participants will design practical plans for leading for equity in their local districts.

In October, participating superintendents:

•  Identified their personal equity stance
•  Analyzed a case study involving equity and organizational improvement
•  Defined and refined their equity lens
•  Shared their personal stories of equity
•  Collaboratively planned next steps

March 19, 2019  |   8:00 am - 3:00 pm
The day is designed to support superintendent leadership and to build the capacity of district teams. Therefore, superintendents and teams will attend in the morning. The afternoon session will be for superintendents.

Superintendents are encouraged to identify the appropriate team that helps oversee equity across the broader system. It can be an existing team or a newly composed group.

I.    Welcome, Framing the Day
II.   District Team Leadership for Equity
       a. What does equity mean in our district?
       b. How do we work together on issues of equity, including race?
       c. Tools for getting to root cause and finding high-leverage strategies
       d. Action planning
III.   Lunch
IV.  Superintendent Leadership for Equity

       a. Developing a system of equity: what is our improvement logic?
       b. Leading for equity amidst systems of inequality
V.   Closure