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2018 CABE/CAPSS Convention

Connecticut’s Future: Transforming Schools, Transforming Lives

This event was held November 16-17, 2018 at the Mystic Marriott

CAPSS and the Connecticut Center for School Change are presenting Designing Our Districts with the End In Mind: Leveraging a Portrait of the Graduate. “Form follows function” is a fundamental principle of architecture and design, but it also applies to educational organizations. When districts create vivid and aspirational profiles of future graduating students, they clarify the function of public education and are able to make sure the district is aligned in form. We will explain the logic behind “The Portrait of the Graduate” work led by CAPSS, supported by the Connecticut Center for School Change and sponsored by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation. This workshop will have a brief panel, followed by an interactive exercise where participants will identify and discuss those competencies, skills, and dispositions most critical for life success in the 21st century, and conclude with a Q & A session.