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Welcome to the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS).  This organization represents and serves all of the superintendents of schools in CT along with many members of superintendents’ central office leadership teams.

By navigating this site, you will learn about CAPSS, what CAPSS stands for in terms of public policy positions and legislative advocacy and what CAPSS offers to its members.  I hope that it is clear that what we are and what we do has only one main purpose, making sure that all children in CT learn what they need to know and be able to do to lead decent and productive lives.  I hope that it is also clear that we believe strongly that the education system has to be transformed into a student centered structure if we are to accomplish that purpose.

In the furtherance of the work needed to bring about this transformation, the CAPSS staff and all of the organization’s members are committed to working with the parents of the children who are served by CT’s public schools and with the citizens who support the schools.  The parents and their children are the only real stakeholders of the public education system.  We and others like us are the caretakers of that system and as such, we are dedicated to making that system what it needs to be for every child in CT.

We welcome your comments about our website and about the mission that the website is designed to convey.