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Our Core beliefs center around the children.

Who we are

The Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS) is an organization that represents all of the superintendents and leaders of public schools in Connecticut.

Our mission is to lead the continuous improvement of public education for all students by advocating public policy and developing and supporting executive school leaders. In short, it is committed to making sure schools in Connecticut are all they can be for our children.

What we believe

Our children are precious. Every single one, regardless of ethnic background, economic situation, or cognitive condition, deserves an equal chance to learn at a high standard — through vibrant, flexible, standards-based public education. Sadly, this is simply not the case today in Connecticut.

CAPSSā€ˆbelieves public education must be transformed. We must integrate services to children and raise community expectations for higher learning standards. Family structure must be reinforced on an equitable and consistent basis. And, all students must be educated to be college or career ready with globally competitive skills.

With effective leadership and the help of every citizen in Connecticut, CAPSS truly believes this is possible.

CAPSS' Mission Statement

The mission of CAPSS is to lead the continuous improvement of public education for all students by advocating public policy for children and by developing and supporting executive school leaders.

CAPSS' History

CAPSS is a statewide nonprofit educational administration organization whose membership includes Connecticut public school superintendents, assistant superintendents, central office administrative personnel, state department of education officials, and college and university professors. It provides educational and administrative leadership on a state and national level; it researches, gathers, and disseminates data and information necessary for the management and operation of effective school systems; it monitors state and federal legislative activity and strives to influence positive laws and regulations affecting the education of Connecticut's public school students; it provides personal support services for its members; it holds statewide conferences of interest to the educational community; and it is a strong voice and staunch advocate of quality public school education.

CAPSS was formalized in 1907 after several years as an informal federation of public school superintendents. From 1907 to 1971 the name of the organization was the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS). In 1971, the organization changed its name to the Connecticut Association for the Advancement of School Administration (CAASA), which remained its name until 1977 when it underwent another name change to the Connecticut Association of School Administrators (CASA). At its Annual Business Meeting of 17 May 1991, the organization officially voted to return to the name that is most truly descriptive of the group, its name from 1907-1971, the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS).

After a lengthy process of obtaining a planning and zoning change from residential to special district, CAPSS realized its 87 year old dream, and its 4 1/2 year old goal of owning a permanent office facility on 11 January 1994 when it purchased property at 26 Caya Avenue in West Hartford. One of two houses (circa 1895) on the property was demolished and the remaining house was gutted and received extensive remodeling including a new extension housing a 700 square foot conference room. The property also has a 25 car parking lot and enough land to double the parking area, and/or add onto the building, if ever needed. The new office facility is strategically located directly off of Interstate 84 and just a few minutes from the State Capitol Building. The project was financed from a CAPSS Building Acquisition Reserve Fund of $370,000. and is mortgage free. CAPSS moved into its new facility on 3 August 1994.

CAPSS' Governance

There are nine regional groups that form CAPSS as portrayed on the map of Connecticut (shown below). The seven CAPSS officers, nine regional area chairs, and superintendent representatives from the Connecticut Association of Urban Superintendents.

Click on the map to view/download the two-page file (a list of the Area Groups is on the second page).

CAPSS' Goals

  • To provide educational leadership statewide, regionally, and in local school districts;
  • To provide organizational management and training for excellence in education through development of the skills, knowledge, and executive abilities of educational administrators; professional and technical assistance
  • To provide those services which directly affect the professional well-being and security of administrators, with a heightened awareness of the need for increased communications, human relations skills, and utilization of administrative technology; personal support and services
  • To provide those services which directly affect the personal well-being of administrators.